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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 3, 2010 12:35am-1:05am EST

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significantly. second, republicans have put forth very good candidates. rob portman who won the senate race in ohio. his colleague there john kasich who won the governorship there. they put forward very good candidates, well resourced, well disciplined on the campaign trail. and third, i think the waning influence of the unions in the midwest is going to have an impact and people are going to be studying that over the course of the days and weeks. they put a lot of effort there and i think their message is not resonating like it used to with voters. >> couric: meanwhile, jamal simmons, i know democrats were worried about a bloodbath continuing into the western states and they were very proud of this new western strategy that was established during the 2008 presidential race. they were able to stem the flow not only in the west but also in the northeast. >> you know, katie, democrats started that campaign out west in 2006 and one of the reasons that the nevada caucus was put in place in the 2008 presidential primary process was to give an even greater foothold. the democrats have done well in
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nevada. they're holding on it looks like in colorado. we'll see how that race plays out. california was a good state. so democrats have... it looks like thist with is a place where democrats can still claim a little victory. i like to also point out in massachusetts you have dapd who in many ways was the model for barack obama. he was a sort of young african american new person running for governor. he had a... he also had the same campaign team, david axelrod. at the same time, though, he had a pretty bad first two years and one conservative commentator said it would be a canary in the coal mine in dapd two lose tonight. dapd won that race in massachusetts so i think that says something for the president that even if you have a bad couple of years can come back and win reelection. >> couric: so diverting back to old patterns for democrats? deval patrick. >> you see the two coasts going blue and supporting the democrats and you see the heartland for the midwest and a
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big night for republicans through the south. that divide continues to hold true. >> couric: all right, dan bartlett, jamal mill mons, thank you both. when we come back, tea party candidates won a couple dozen races tonight. will they really shake up the establishment? you're watching election night on cbs. [ commentator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough! earlier, she had an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks...
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>> couric: anthony mason has been following the results of our exit polling and the tea party needless to say had a significant impact during this election cycle and anthony tells us the polling reflects that. what are people saying about the tea party movement, anthony? >> it's interesting to see who's in the tea party to start with 39% of voters told us today they support the tea party, that includes a majority of republicans, 58%, and a third of
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independents. the tea party is overwhelmingly white. 89% are white in the tea party. and also they feel very strongly... there's a very strong anti-government feeling here, katie, first starting without the stimulus plan. a majority of tea party supporters think the stimulus has hurt the economy, they feel even more strongly about health care and an overwhelming majority about tea party supporters want to see it repealed. this block, 39% of the electorate, went overwhelmingly republican today, katie, 86% turned out to be republican voters. >> couric: anthony mason thanks so much. meanwhile, byron pitts, our national correspondent, is just back from a tea party gathering in the nation's capital. byron, members of that tea party must have been pretty please bid tonight's results. what were they saying to you? >> reporter: oh, yeah, katie, they were celebrating much of the evening. it was one of a number of tea party events across the country. earlier tonight when it was announced the republicans had regained control of the house, that room erupted. people were chanting "u.s.a.,
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u.s.a." katie, as you said earlier, this was a big night for the tea party, a movement that didn't even exist two years ago. earlier this evening, we spoke with the co-founder of the tea party patriots, that's the largest tea party organization in the country. >> this is actually the starting point, though. really we're just getting started. it feels great, everybody's celebrate bug the real work starts tomorrow. >> reporter: i heard someone say from the podium that the republican party is on probation. >> absolutely. i think that's a nice way to put it. they have a long track record of doing the wrong thing, we intend to hold their feet to the fire starting tomorrow. >> reporter: so what will the tea party do with this newfound clout? they say keep the republican party accountable. katie? >> couric: all right, byron pitts. byron, thank you so much. some of the biggest race races, of course, have been out in the west and a big story could be developing in alaska where a write-in is currently in the lead. that could mean incumbent lisa murkowski, who lost the republican primary to joe miller, a tea party-backed
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candidate, may get to keep her seat. she, of course, is running as a write-in candidate. meanwhile, in california democrat jerry brown got his old job back as governor and barbara boxer held on to her senate seat. bill whitaker is at boxer headquarters in los angeles. bill, a fourth term after a pretty furious campaign. >> reporter: yup, katie. when word first went through this room that barbara boxer would be holding on to her senate seat this place went wild. now, it's kind of surprising that in this anti-incumbent year california not only is sending barbara boxer back to the senate for a fourth term, choosing her over republican carly fiorina, but also sending jerry brown back to the governor's chair for the third time. he last held that office back in the 1980s. he beat meg whitman, who pumped $140 million of her own money into the losing campaign. now, boxer was able to hold on to obama's winning coalition from 2008 of core democrats,
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women, latinos, blacks, independents, and young people. now, the overwhelming support of young people doesn't seem to have been enough to push proposition 19 over the top tonight. 19, of course, is that controversial initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. tonight it seems that that initiative is going up in smoke. katie? >> couric: all right. bill whitaker, thanks so much. as we mentioned, polls closed within the last hour in alaska. the senate race there is still undecided but it is a fascinating one. john black stone is in anchorage. john, what's the latest from there. we understand that lisa murkowski seems to be doing well in terms of write-in votes? >> reporter: well, indeed she does. we should explain a little how it works here. the candidates here, the voters here, choose the write-in candidate had to color in the little oval and if they're voting for lisa murkowski, write in her name. murkowski had to work hard to make sure people could remember how to spell her name. she handed out bracelets with
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her name on them so people remember how to spell it. when they went into the booth. now, the latest figures in, we have about 40% of the vote in, shows write-ins scoring about 39% of the ballots. joe miller, who is the republican candidate, the tea party backed and sarah palin backed republican candidate, he's got 34% of the vote. scott mcadams, the democrat at 24%. now what will have to happen, the machine cans count these ballots that are colored in in the little ovals, then humans will actually have to over the next couple of weeks perhaps read the ballots, read whether lisa murkowski's name is written in to discover who wins this race. >> couric: i understand in recent days, john, some conservatives encouraged people to register and write in their names so they could confuse voters and lisa murkowski's name might have gotten lost in the mix. >> reporter: well, indeed, something like 160 people, i
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think, registered in the last few days urged by a local talk radio conservative talk radio host to enter themselves as write in candidates. so there was a very long list of potential write-in candidates but certainly nobody went to all the effort that lisa murkowski did to get her nipl there and it's a familiar name in alaskan politics. difficult to spell but familiar. >> couric: john blackstone reporting from anchorage, alaska, with the latest on the senate race there. thank you so much, john. we're going to go to nancy cordes because sarah palin, obviously, backed joe miller, the tea party backed candidate in alaska. she and the murkowskis don't really get along very well but she has delivered two tweets so far. what is she saying? >> she's basically celebrating the games that republicans and in particular the conservatives who she backed are making in the house of representatives. first off she tweets "very clear message to president obama, we'll send our representatives to d.c. to stop your fundamental transformation of america. enough is enough." the second tweet "as always,
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proud to be american, thanks common sense constitutional conservatives, you didn't sit down and shut up, you refute@it had extreme left." that's an inside joke, a word she played up perhaps not intending to. >> couric: and we'll be back with many more results or perhaps a few more results and much more analysis in a moment. but, first, this is election night on cbs. come on, kids, come inside. the droid 2. a lightning-fast keyboard, a turbo-texting, web-jetting super you. the droid x. a 4.3-inch screen. summon movies and games at your command.
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>> couric: let's go to harry reid headquarters in las vegas, nevada, where just a few minutes ago the senate majority leader appeared in front of his fans. this was a very hard ff fought race for him but he is a scrappy street fighter. his opponent, sharr lon angle, did very well. she's a tea party backed candidate but he spoke to the crowd, let's listen to some of what he... oh, we're not going to listen to some of what he had to say. but, boy, he is breathing a huge sigh of relief, jeff greenfield, because he almost didn't make it. >> this guy has more lives than a cat. 1998 he won by a few hundred votes thanks to discontented voters who voted for "none of the above." he was a certain loser until sharron ang it will tea party candidate beat a much better known former lieutenant governor
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who most people think would have beaten harry reid easily. here's another race where the tea party for all of its successes.... >> couric: in the house especially. >> and some senate races as in kentucky and elsewhere. but people are going to say if it weren't for delaware and nevada, the republicans might have taken the senate. so it's a mixed bag for the tea party. >> couric: meanwhile, the outcome of the governors races tonight could have a major political impact far into the future. cbs news political analyst john dickerson in washington has been monitoring those races and it's kind of a sea of red in the governors races isn't it, john? >> the g.o.p. has picked up seven republican governor's offices and they're also getting down the bones of state government. they're turning over a lot of these statehouses in these key states, that's important because if you controlled the party, you can control the redistricting process, shaping those congressional districts in the house of representatives. and if you control it, you put more members of your party in it. in texas last time this happened
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the republicans took six congressional seats away from the democrats. once these new maps are drawn, they're stuck for ten years until the next census. >> couric: all right. john dickerson, thanks very much. as john mentioned, the outcome of the governors races will have a huge impact in 2012 not only with support from the party for the candidate but with redrawing the districts and that's going to have a big impact on future congressional races. let's talk about what will be happening in 2012 when not only the entire house and a third of the senate will be up for reelection but president barack obama will as well. let's go to dan and jamal. dan, how does this position the parties going into 2012. two years away but, of course, everyone is saying this is a warmup for the big race. >> well, i think that's right. and what you'll see here is that there will be a very, very small window for there to be any governing to take place going into the early part of next year in which some hopefully progress can be made on the big issues of
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the day. they'll have to tackle issues like taxes. but shortly after that it's a wide-open field in the republican side. you know, the status quo type or establishment republicans like a mitt romney are going to have a real challenge from some of these insurgents that have come through. there's a lot of talk about sarah palin, but there's other people that may step up. and you also have the governors who always become a repository of strength when it comes to candidates for president. so you talk about a mitch daniels from indiana or you talk about somebody you had on earlier this evening, there's talk even about haley barbour who's been a king maker when it comes to a lot of these races that john dickerson just pointed out. so wide open field, presidential politics will be front and center very soon in the wave the and that's something the white house will have to contend with. >> couric: and as the economy turns around, hopefully, a lot of these new governors will get a lot of credit for that as well. meanwhile, jamal, what does the president have to do to keep hope alive for him in 2012?
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>> well, katie, the one thing that barack obama has going for him right now is now he'll have an opponent to run against. before he was managing not only the white house but whatever happens in congress happens under his watch. the last president to have his party in control of both houses of congress for his entire term was jimmy carter, that didn't work out so well for the democrats. so barack obama now will have an opponent. at the same time, while democrats have lost a variety of governorships across the country they did pick up california which is a big state with a lot of people in it. they're still fighting for florida and they also picked up minnesota which is a state run by republicans which now the democrats have. so there are a couple of bright spots here for them going into the end of the year. but the last point i'd make is this helps the president keep some of his mortar left or liberal allies focused on the house. so he's going to have a little bit of help here by keeping the liberals focused and not having
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to worry so much about that fight internally he's had the last couple of years. >> couric: jamal. thanks, some cbs stations will be leaving us for local returns, for everyone else our coverage will continue. you're watching election night on cbs. let's continue to talk about the candidates for 2012 because as we said, i know it's just around the corner, really, and the campaigning will start pretty soon. so who are the bright and shining stars of the republican party in your view, bob? >> well, you start with by saying there is no identifiable leader among them so far. it is a wide-open field. you've got people like huckabee, you've gone thune, the senator, you've got mitch daniels, the governor out there in indiana. you've got jim demint who's a very conservative guy from south carolina. he may make a run at it. >> couric: he embraced the tea party early on, right, bob? >> yes. newt gingrich is without question i think the first one
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out. i predict in january newt gingrich will announce he's running for president out in iowa. then you've got mirpl, pawlenty, barbour, palin. and i think a lot of people are going to talk about chris christie in new jersey. maybe he ought to try. there's a whole bunch of them out there. >> couric: the field is wide open, in other words. >> and they have not begun to sort themselves out yet. >> couric: jeff, before i let you at this one, i wanted to ask nancy because i asked her to come up with this figure. how did sarah palin do in terms of her endorsements? >> she was really determined, katie, to be a force in this election so she endorsed 53 candidates and of those 53, so far tonight 30 have won. that's not a bad track record considering that some of the candidates she endorsed with not the establishment republicans. these were outsider conservatives. she took a chance on them and it paid off. >> couric: and i guess, jeff, my question is will we see sarah palin as a republican candidate in 2012? >> you may well. she may decide her life now is pretty comfortable. i tell you what else you may see
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if things don't get better. you may see a serious third party bid for the first time since 1992 because the discontent in this country is wide and deep. >> couric: do you have any favorite looking at the field? >> of a third party candidate? i can think of one who can self-finance pretty well, he happens to be the mayor of new york, mike bloomberg. >> couric: jeff and bob and nancy and everyone else, major changes are clearly coming to washington. the republicans have won control of the house for the first time in four years. john boehner is expected to be the new speaker of the house with the republican majority we estimate anywhere from 35 to 55 seats when all is said and done. in the senate, the democrats survive a republican challenge as does senate majority leader harry reid. but the republicans pick up at least six seats and the democrats will not have enough seats to cut off any republican filibuster. president obama telephoned john boehner offering to work with republicans in order to find some common ground. we expect the president will have much more to say about that
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tomorrow when he holds a white house news conference. there will be much more about this historic election night on your local news on this cbs station on the "early show" and, of course, on the "cbs evening news." and you can get the latest results online at for bob, jeff, nancy, anthony, and all of our cbs news election team, i'm katie couric in new york. thank you so much for watching. good night. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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